Sunday, December 28, 2008

Allergy Encounters While Traveling

Allergy Encounters- Istanbul, Turkey: From 9/23/08

- When I was in line going through security at the airport, I called back I gave a man named Jim, my e-mail address to get a travel card made in Turkish. It willl say all my allergies in Turkish.

- I am flying Luftansa. When I arrived at the gate, I requested a nut free flight. The man gave me a hard time at first, then went to ask the captain who told him they would still serve nuts (macadamia specifically).

- Sitting on the plane, I felt a bit uncomfortable around all the people eating dinner. I shyed away a little bit from the people next to me. When I was told they wouldn’t fly nut free, they asked how severe my allergy was, then started to suggest I find another way to travel. I hate when they do that. I had to turn the conversation around, so they would still let me fly and not feel like I was a liability. It can be uncomfortable and frustrating.

- No snack foods written in English at the airport in Frankfurt!

- 9/24/08 We went out to dinner in honor of my arrival in Istanbul at a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel. I was able to eat cucumber and tomato salad, which was just big pieces of these veggies.  They made me plain grilled chicken with rice pilaf.  It was very good, and once I tried a bite, I felt comfortable eating it.

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