Friday, January 2, 2009

Nuts are now in tissues??? Come on...

I saw a commercial the other day for Puffs tissues.  In the commercial they advertise that they are moisturizing with Aloe and ______.  Where else do they get this amazing moisture?  The answer is Shea Butter! Yes, shea butter, which comes from shea nut, a tree nut.  Here is the link to watch the commerial:

I always read ingredients in any product I use, including shampoos, conditioners, lotions, toothpaste, make-up, etc.  It seems crazy to me though that a company would put tree nut in their tissues!  I know people don't eat tissues, but they certainly put them against their face.  What stops someone from breaking out in hives if they are allergic to tree nuts and use a shea butter Puff tissue?  Tissues are everywhere; in stores, doctors offices, schools.  I can't say that I usually look for tissue ingredients.  If I am out somewhere and I need a tissue, I usually just take one.  Not until I saw this commercial, would I have thought that I now need to be careful of the kinds of tissues I use. Who would have guessed that a company would be naive enough to put shea butter in their tissues?  I think this is rather outrageous...!

Along this same topic, let's discuss hair salons.  When I go to the hair dresser (which is more often than not a different place each time, depending on where I am living), I always read the ingredients in everything.  The first words that come out of my mouth as soon as I am taken towards the sink is, "I have a nut allergy.  Can I please read the ingredients in the shampoo and conditioner that you will be using."  Usually the conditioner will have 'sweet almond oil' or 'shea' in it.  I then have the woman who is washing my hair, scouring the shelves in search of a nut free product to use!  Often times, after my hair is cut, the hair dresser will go to spray something or put some sort of product in.  I always specify beforehand that I don't want anything put in my hair, or if they want to, I need to read the ingredients first.  

I'm still astounded by these tissues.  The lesson in this is to read the ingredients, no matter what it is!  Who would have thought... tissues!



  1. Wow. Thanks for this info! I wasn't aware and I'm sure my mom will likely buy those tissues without thinking about it and that could be an issue for my kids. I hadn't thought before about the hair salon products either, so thanks for mentioning that. I have four boys and I just buzz their hair at home. My daughter though goes to a salon and so far we have opted not to have her hair washed/styled but I'm sure that day is coming. Great blog, I'll definately be visiting again!

  2. I'm so glad that you found this blog helpful! I will be writing more about these type of experiences soon. Please visit again! :)