Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

I was walking around the city yesterday.  It was beautiful, sunny, and unseasonably warm outside. This must have been the reason I was craving an ice cream (or just because ice cream is the awesome)! I walked into Ben & Jerry's.  "Can I get a small chocolate fudge brownie in a cup please?" I asked. "Can you also please get a clean scoop from the back and make sure the area is clean before scooping my ice cream? I am very allergic to nuts," I said.  The guy who was waiting on me was clearly new, and unaware of the routine that is established at Ben & Jerry's with allergies. Luckily, a woman who also worked there, overheard my request.  She knew exactly what to do and why to do it.  I was very impressed.  She explained to him, "You need to get a clean scoop from the back (as she walked back with him to get a scoop). Make sure not to put the scoop in the water fountain because that is what contaminates it," she explained.  "Open up a new box of ice cream underneath the one that is already open, and scoop it from that one," she said to him as she helped him get my ice cream.  I was extremely impressed with her knowledge of allergies, and how seriously she took the situation!  

I have always had similar experiences at Ben & Jerry's. Never have I had an experience where anyone didn't take my allergies seriously there. I have had plenty of experiences at other ice cream places, but never at Ben & Jerry's.  They are the best!     


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  2. Ahhhhhh...that's why I had an allergic reaction to Ben and Jerrys ice cream!! Never thought to ask them to clean the spoon! Wasn't a bad reaction though (throat just just closed up a little bit)...nothing an antihistamine couldn't fix!) xxx