Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back to the U.S.

Here I am back in the U.S. again! I haven't been back in seven months, and I have noticed some food changes since I've been gone. For example, at Starbucks there used to be Madeline cookies that I could eat. They were the only possible eating option at Starbucks. Now the package says that they are manufactured near Almonds. Disappointing! :(

Have any favorite foods of yours or your child's changed recently?


  1. Yes - many Hostess cupcakes now have a "may contain" label. These were our go-to safe treat option for birthday parties and other celebrations. It really is so frustrating.
    On a positive note, your blog is fantastic. As the mother of a young child with food allergies, I love reading your posts and knowing that she can live a full and rich life. :)

  2. Hi Suzanna,
    Thank you for your encouragement! I am sorry I am just seeing this now! All growing up, Hostess cupcakes were also what I relied on for birthday parties. That is very disappointing news! Have you found a new solution?

  3. Argh! Yes! Glutino bars just switched from tapioca starch to cornstarch! Since my son is allergic to corn, we will no longer be eating these! Also, all forms of Children's Tylenol now have corn syrup or a form of possibly corn contaminated ingredients! All the other brands made their formulas new too! I hate and dread changes!

    Love your blog!