Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sorry for disappearing!

This is the first year where I am not sharing a classroom with another teacher, and with that, comes much more work!  I am frustrated with myself for neglecting my blog and my readers.  I continue to have experiences on a daily basis that I should be sharing in hopes of helping parents and their Allergic Reactors! 

Every day I receive a google search with news of anything that food allergy related.  It is through this that I continue to stay updated about the continued push for new laws, trials, and education to help all of us Allergic Reactors.  In Italy, where I have been living for the past two years, there is very little allergy knowledge or education.  Food is a significant part of the culture though, and I have continued to have people be even more understanding and helpful here, even with such little knowledge.  It is interesting to me how this happens.  Since food is so important, people really want to help and make sure I can eat something when I am out.  I have had very few negative encounters, but quite a few interesting stories nonetheless!

Although living abroad is a challenge in so many ways, it is something I would certainly not change, and has helped shape me as I continue to grow up into my adulthood. I have learned to go to the grocery store without a dictionary and understand what I can and cannot eat.  I have learned to ask for gelatto safely, and how to order dinner at a restaurant.  My friends here often ask me if I get nervous when we go to eat, or if I worry about it.  I don't though.  I feel confident with my ability to make safe decisions, ALWAYS carry my Epi-pens, Benedryl, and inhaler with me, and know that I know am keeping myself as safe as I can be. 

There is nothing I need to worry about as long as I have the education and experience to know exactly what to do.  That is the point that I hope each Allergic Reactor can reach!  It is an outstanding feeling to be confident enough to eat out, travel, and even have regular everyday experiences and not have your allergies to worry about! 

Keep reading parents and Allergic Reactors!  Please also feel free to post comments and questions!  I am always happy to answer!   


  1. In June, I'll be traveling internationally for the first time since developing peanut and tree nut allergies 3 years ago! I'm definitely nervous, but I've just got to get out there are do it! I loved to travel before, and I've missed it. Your blog is encouraging. Thanks!

  2. Hi Lindsay,
    I'm sorry to not respond earlier! Thanks so much for your comments! Good luck with your travels (to Brazil?)! I would love to hear about how everything there goes. South America is somewhere I definitely want to explore! Take care!

  3. Brazil was awesome, and I had no reactions at all! I didn't see peanuts or nuts anywhere. I'm not sure if that's common throughout Brazil or just where I was in the northeast part of the country. p.s. I studied abroad in college (pre-food allergies) and spent a lot of time in Italy! It's fun to read your posts...it takes me back. :)