Monday, February 16, 2009

My decision: ITALY!

I came to a job decision!  I am moving to ITALY!  I will teach at an international school there, starting in the fall.  I'm very excited!  Now that I have made this decision, it is only the beginning of all of the details I will need to figure out with my food allergies, before I leave.  It is a country where I do not speak the language.  I will need to figure out how to get around language barriers, and find foods to eat. I have traveled to Italy before, but I will be living in an area I have never been to.  I think it will be a great experience for me to grow on many different levels.  It will certainly be a test of my independence, and will be an even greater test of my ability to find food and adjust to a country where the first language isn't English.  This should be an interesting challenge!  I will write more about my questions, concerns, and how the process is going soon!


  1. The school children in Italy are so lucky! Follow your heart, sweetheart. Follow your dreams. You are your best guide. Trust in yourself and you will rise above all of life's obstacles.
    Never met a "nut" that could stop you. It is a reality that your allergies make life more complicated and challenging but they won't stop you from reaching for the stars.. You are an inspiration. You go girl!!!

  2. I would suggest allert cards, many are availible in multiple languages.